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It’s unofficially the last day of summer but that doesn’t mean it’s time to let those workout routines lapse since cool weather & more covered clothing are in our near futures! I’m rebooting the TAB Fitness series with an easy 30 day challenge that will literally take you less than 5 minutes a day to complete in the comfort of your own home.

Ladies & gents…say hello to the 30 Day Plank Challenge. The plank is a deceptively simple exercise that works your core while also sculpting your arms and upper legs. The challenge starts off with a 20 second plank and gradually works you up to a full on 5 minute plank by the last day. The genius aspect of this exercise is that you don’t need any equipment and you can do it in the comfort of your home. And since it literally takes very little time to do, everyone can find the time to fit in this workout!

I am in love with the plank as you definitely start to see results once you pass the 1 minute mark. And couples, this is something you can do as a team to get ready for your wedding day! So, tomorrow (September 2nd) I’m starting my 30 Day Plank Challenge and I’ll keep you posted on the results! For a video tutorial on how to do a plank click here.

Photo Credit: 30 Day Fitness Challenges (@30dayfitness)

When you plan a wedding, it’s easy for costs to skyrocket and spiral out of control. From floral arrangements to picking the right caterer and baker, everything adds up - and it can add up to big dollars. And for sure, there are tons of wise and economical ways to curb your budget. From picking a date in the off season, choosing cheaper floral options to opting for a simple passed h’ordourves reception…surely you can save money this way! But when it comes to what you actually plan to wear down the aisle or at your reception, that’s not the time to penny pinch.

Now earlier this year I wrote a buyer beware article on the dangers of sites promising you couture wedding gowns at a fraction of the cost. But, it’s something that’s so insidious, it needs to be repeated often. And in my case, every other month or so, since one of these sites reaches out to me directly (or a major blogger network does) asking me to write a sponsored post for them. For so many reasons, these fly by night companies are a horrible choice.

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

I pretty much exclusively post couture highly detailed gowns on my site. Most of them start at $3000. So, when a site promises to give you a $3000+ dress for the price of $300 common sense should prevail. In most cases, $300 won’t even cover the cost of the raw materials necessary to sew the dress. And yes, I know of what I speak because I actually do work in the fashion industry (I’ve been both a buyer and a showroom account executive) and my mother used to design custom wedding dresses…even in the ’80s, she would have laughed at a $300 quote.

2. You don’t buy a wedding dress without a fitting.

Even if you go the custom route, you need to have a fitting. Your tailor needs to take your measurements and make adjustments as needed. When you buy a dress sight unseen from one of these counterfeiters, you don’t get any of that. Their premise is “mail us your measurements and we’ll make the dress to fit you perfectly”. Again, my mom was a’s hard to do a perfectly custom garment without ever fitting it to the client.

3. What happens when you realize you got ripped off?

When you finally get that hot mess of a dress in the mail and it looks like a ten year old tried their hand at it in an Intro to Home Ec course, who can you contact? More than likely you won’t get a refund, and if you do a Google search you’ll find that most people weren’t even able to contact anyone reliable.

4. Penny Wise & Pound Foolish = 2 Dresses…

So, after you thought you were getting the deal of a century with this bootleg cut throat priced dress, you realized that you just spent good money on a seriously flawed product. And guess what that means…now you have to buy another dress. And since you’ll most likely be within the three month window to your wedding date, now you’ll pay a rush fee to get a decent wedding dress from a regular bridal salon. Tell me again how that cost cutting measure is working out for you? *sarcasm*

If you’re just starting your dress search and want to make sure that you’re buying from an authorized and reputable dealer, visit The American Bridal & Prom Industry Association to learn more about the telltale signs of spotting a counterfeit dealer.

Photo Credit: Ben Salter (Creative Commons 4.0 License International)

Meet the sister duo behind the bridal power house Val Stefani in our cover story; New York Fashion Week kicks off with a preview of popular couture leather accessories brand Love Alex; wedding gown inspiration abounds with full spreads of Intuzuri Costura; and we kick off a TAB Beauty series to explore the best skincare brands for sensitive skin brides with Whish Body and B-Leve…plus much much more!

Destination Style!

Intuzuri - Audrey

Courtesy of: Intuzuri

Destination Style!

Intuzuri - Aimee

Courtesy of: Intuzuri

Destination Style!

Intuzuri - Adonice

Courtesy of: Intuzuri

Destination Style!

Intuzuri - Amazon

Courtesy of: Intuzuri

Destination Style!

Intuzuri - Amaris

Courtesy of: Intuzuri

We’re literally days away from NYFW, the holy season of the fashion industry where the well dressed and critiquing fashionistas descend on NYC to preview what’s hot in fashion for the coming season. And between all the shows, presentations, media lounges and parties that take place, it’s easy to miss a brand or two. So, lately more and more people have been hosting pre-NYFW events to avoid schedule conflicts. Last night I attended one such event at the Love, Alex showroom in Midtown.

Love,Alex is an accessories brand that makes gorgeous leather bags ranging from wallets, clutches, handbags, carry alls and travel worthy tote bags. From python to suede with a range of bright colors to chose from, Love,Alex is a handbag line that you need to know! In addition to looking fabulous, you can feel good about yourself as well by knowing that 30% from the sale of every item in their product line goes to support charities. The accessories line has paired up with a portfolio of charities that focus on children’s welfare and education.

Featured above are some of my favorite looks from their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. For more information about Love,Alex visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @LoveAlexNewYork