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Last Saturday, on April 19th I tied the knot with my now husband in beautiful Tokyo, Japan at the gorgeous Hotel Nikko Tokyo resort. It was a beautiful event and I was so happy to be surrounded by family and friends for a week in one of my favorite vacation spots.  Now that I’m just about a week out from my own destination nuptials, I can look back on my wedding planning experience with some distance both in time and emotions. I’m more than ready to offer some realistic advice to help my lovely brides make it down the aisle without losing their grip on reality!

1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…

It’s tempting to freak out because you see calla lilies instead of orchids. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s really irrelevant. There are enough potential real calamities that can happen as you race to your wedding day - don’t let the little things get to you so much! Not every little thing needs to be perfectly choreographed and fixed. Sometimes it’s the spur of the moment decisions that make for a better, more memorable, experience.

2. How You and Your Fiance Handle Drama is a Gauge for Your Relationship…

More important than your dress, the cake or your first dance song, is the real reason you’re having the event. You’re joining your life with another person’s and starting a new chapter together! You are not throwing this shindig just to show off your fashion sense and party planning skills. So, when calamity happens, how you and your fiance face it - together - is a testament to the strength of your relationship (or the lack thereof). Take it from a very real personal experience I have with this factor. When all hell breaks loose, you want to know that the person you’re marrying will actually support you through good and bad - not just as long as everything looks okay.

3. You Are Only as Strong as Your Support Base…

Building on my second point, the people you surround yourself with are as essential to your wedding and marriage as your fiance. I’m a very strong believer in the concept that a wedding is not just the merging of two people, but two families (both blood relations and friends). These are people you should be able to rely on during good and bad times.

4. Don’t Forget to Have Fun…

It is so easy to not enjoy wedding planning. There are so many to-do’s and people reminding you of what you need to do. And as time passes, it feels at times like an impossible task. But between picking cake flavors, floral choices and seat covers…don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Don’t get so bogged down in planning that you stop enjoying the experience. Your wedding day goes by in a flash (literally) and you don’t want to look back regretting that you didn’t enjoy one of the most magical time periods in your life!

5. Your Wedding Day Flies By…Take TONS of Pictures!!

This is the big day - the reason you’ve been on eggshells for months! Whether you put your bridal party or a designated photography team in charge of chronicling your wedding day, make sure someone does! It felt like once I made the walk from our hotel suite to the chapel, time moved at the speed of light. And the next thing I knew, the last glass of wine had been drunk and the reception was over. Who knew five hours could go by so quickly?! I’m extremely grateful to see every picture in a variety of angles, a number of photography filters, etc. This is your big day - make sure you have plenty of memories!

TAB Style - Lillian West @ Couture Show

If dreamy and ethereal gowns that float and sway with the breeze are your thing then I highly recommend giving Lillian West a review. While at Couture Show, I checked out some of their designs. Featured above are three styles in popular silhouettes (trumpet, A-line & ballgown) that offer a number of on-trend looks: horsehair trim, blended textures & fabrics, and asymmetrical tiers.

For more information on Lillian West, visit or follow them on Twitter @lw_bridal

TAB Style - Eugenia Couture @ New York Bridal Fashion Week

I’ve featured Eugenia Couture on The Anti Bridezilla in the past and am definitely a fan of the line. The mother - daughter design duo (who I got to meet!) behind the line has developed a brand that creates soft feminine styles that produces stunning gowns with serious back appeal. Featured above are three styles that really caught my eye - with my favorite being the bottom row that incorporates the horse hair trend by using a sheer softly tiered skirt over a champagne a-line skirt.

For more information on Eugenia Couture, visit or follow them on Twitter @Eugenia_Couture

Photography courtesy of: Manuel Tejeda Photography

TAB Style - Trending Now @ NY Bridal Fashion Week: Horsehair!

One of the most popular trends at this season’s New York Bridal Fashion Week was incorporating horsehair trim into wedding gowns. Whether layered into tiers or utilized for reinforcing soft folds in ethereal gowns, horsehair was a texture and design feature that was prominently used amongst designers presenting at New York International Bridal Market, Couture Show and privately. Below are a few of my favorite horsehair trimmed wedding gowns:

Row 1: Isabelle Armstrong & CB Couture

Row 2: Lilian West & Eugenia Bridal

Row 3: Justin Alexander

Row 4: Paloma Blanca & Romona Keveza

Pictures 3 - 7 courtesy of: Manuel Tejeda Photography

TAB Style - Romona Keveza @ New York Bridal Fashion Week

I’m a huge fan of since I first saw her Bond Girl inspired designs in October 2012! Known for her feminine designs and ethereal gowns, Romona Keveza once again created a gorgeous array of gowns that not only incorporated some of the popular trends in bridal fashion this season, but managed to make them unique by crossing textures with silhouettes and structures that made for a seasonal collection that stood apart from any other designers I saw this season.

Featured above are some of my favorite styles that were previewed at the St. Regis. The standout styles for me featured asymmetrical metallic belts in gold and silver and were contrasted against horsehair trimmed overlay skirts along with asymmetrical necklines and back designs.

For more information about Romona Keveza, visit or follow them on Twitter @TheRomonaKeveza

TAB Style - Paloma Blanca @ Couture Show

Classic silhouettes like ball gowns and trumpet skirts get an express pass into modern style with the design twists featured in the above gowns from Paloma Blanca. Horsehair - which was a HUGE trend in bridal this season - appears prominently on the ball gowns and in the flounce and train of the low backed trumpet gown.

For more information on Paloma Blanca, visit or follow them on Twitter @Paloma_Blanca

Photography courtesy of: Manny Tejeda Photography

TAB Style - Nina Shoes @ Couture Show: Sashes!

Sashes are such a staple accessory for brides. They can glam up a plain dress and help to accentuate a bride’s waistline. Additionally, it can help to tie their entire wedding theme together by way of fashion. Featured above are a few new gorgeous crystal and beaded sashes from Nina Bridal that will be available later this year.

Florals and the mixing of textures (beading vs crystals and use of pearls) is translated into these sashes much like with Nina’s jewelry collection. My personal favorite is the sash in the second picture that has a pearl edged design and a center floral accent that also incorporates pearls in the petals.

For more information on NIna Shoes and their Nina Bridal collections, visit or follow them on Twitter @Nina_Shoes

Photography Courtesy of: Manuel Tejeda Photography

TAB Style - Nina Bridal @ Couture Show: Jewelry

If you’ve been following The Anti Bridezilla since February, then you know that I am in fact a Nina Bride! My bridesmaids and I are completely outfitted in styles Nina Bridal’s shoe, jewelry and accessory collections. Featured above are some gorgeous styles that are just launching in stores & several more that will become available in the coming months.

Two trends that are huge right now in bridal that have transitioned from gowns to jewelry & accessories are floral accents and pops of color. When I stopped by the Nina booth at Couture Show, they had several floral infused designs as well as rose gold metals & crystals styles that will be coming to a store near you soon!

For more information on Nina Shoes & their Nina Bridal collection, visit or follow them on Twitter @Nina_Shoes

Photography courtesy of: Manuel Tejeda Photography

TAB Style - Terani Couture @ New York International Bridal Market

In addition to figure skimming styles, a major trend at the market last week was the use of blush, champagne or nude(ish) tones for wedding gowns. For brides that are looking to buck the ivory or stark white trend, Terani Couture showcased five unique styles that all managed to incorporate crystals and the blush/champagne tone. My personal favorite is the far left design in the bottom picture. I love the blend of soft tulle with a star burst crystal pattern on the bodice. The asymmetrical flouncing in the skirt as well as the one shoulder and contrasting white and champagne tones in the bodice’s design makes this a break out style in my opinion.

For more information about Terani Couture visit or follow them on Twitter @Terani_Couture

TAB Style - Mon Cheri Shoes @ New York International Bridal Market

Of course, shoes are an essential part of any bride’s wedding day style. Featured above are two crystal embellished accessories from Mon Cheri Shoes. A sweet neutral toned low heeled open toe shoe is adorned with a modest row of crystals while an oval shaped clutch steals the show with fully encrusted crystals on both sides.

For more information on Mon Cheri Shoes visit or follow them on Twitter @MonCheriBridal